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Mission free icon Our Mission is to spread the recognition of game music, present the proficiency of the industry, educate, co-operate, co-create the future trends of the music and support the growing community with touching, ever memorable moments of amusement.

Mateusz Pawlak

Music lover and traveler with a great passion. Keeps a tight rein on the economic side of our projects.

Mariusz Borkowski

Man of a great heart when it comes to music. A tireless discoverer of unique sounds. For many years he’s been continuously sharing with others his passion for melodies from video games.

Pawel Mihulka

Project Manager, keen supporter of lean management strategies. Inspired by the sound of games joins music with tech by setting up the stage.

Krzysztof Bińczak

Keeps seeing patterns in the ivy. Ventilates his mind instead of washing it. Doesn’t know if he’s a Zen Buddhist.

Michał Broda

Mean deviation noticed in music. Books all around apartment. Pushes the envelope and watches while it bends.

Anna Skibińska

An admirer of graphics, digital painting, as well as game music.
Also an owner of four cats (so far).
You know – artists tend to be eccentric.

Marta Śliż

Plays her keyboards with passion worthy of the Phantom of the Opera. Dances with fire just like Kevin Costner did with the wolves. A video game addict, certified.

Paweł Dembowski

I’ve been playing video games since I recall, and writing about them for quite some time, too. An addiction, hands down. Yet I can’t say that I regret any of these…

Konrad Belina-Brzozowski

Student of Game Design, specialising in Audio for Video Games on the University of Silesia. An electronic musician, recording technician, nerd, and geek.

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